Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all of my friends and family.

It is just my family at home today which is very nice. The girls are off playing with their gifts and I am actually sewing. I think everyone but Brian is still in their PJ's. Christmas dinner is started and we will probably sit down to watch a movie later on tonight.

However you are spending today enjoy!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another Opportunity!

I have decided to expand my horizons and have started listing items on a new handmade site. The site is in its beginning stages and still has a few bugs to work out but I love the information I get from it.
I'm working very hard on managing 2 sites so right now I'm not listing much on artfire.

For you crafters and artists who are looking to keep more money in your pocket you may want to check it out. You can join one of 2 ways, either the free membership that is limited or the $7 a month plan which allows you to list as much as you want and no fees when you sell.
Check it out here!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cyber Monday!

I plan to make some online purchases and I'm running a special on my etsy site today too.

I find it funny that today something was posted that we are in a recession and have been since Dec 2007. I took us a year to figure that out???? Maybe now that is has been declared we can recover.

Happy Cyber Monday!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh No!

Well the day has come. My oldest has her temps. In 6 short months she might be out on the road alone. That will be a scary day. I haven't been out with her but her father and sister have and they have both been returned home safely. With the exception of an incident that no one is allowed to speak of (I did get it involved a stop sign out of Lauren) she seems to be doing well. I just don't know if my nerves and control issues can be in the passenger seat. Lauren has a soccer game tonight and guess how wants to drive there? Funny thing is last season she wanted nothing to do with her sisters soccer games!

I have included a picture of her just for proof to those who may doubt it!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hello Again

I'm a self proclaimed blog failure. But I will not go down with out a fight! Life just gets busy some times and this is what I have to let go to make life work for me.

I'm trying to spend equal amounts of time on my business and my home and family life. I have never been good with balance and I know it shows. I wish that was a trait I had, organization, juggling, balancing, what ever you call it I ain't got it!

Family life: Going good, I have a new niece and although my sister is having a rough time with some problems from the delivery the baby is great. Sleeps 5 hours or more at night and nurses like a champ!
The girls have 18 school days left and yes they are counting down! Me a little but not so much. With summer vacation comes even more lack of balance. I like the routine of school but not the getting up at 6 am.

Business Life: Going good too, seem to be having steady sales and getting several items made every week. Working on a few new designs but really concentrating on what I already know.
I set up a yahoogroup for my customers to let them know of new products and specials. The link is if you interested in joining. It is an announcement only list and will not generate a lot of emails.

Well that is it for now! To all the moms reading this, have a great Mothers Day!

Monday, January 28, 2008

New Design

I'm so excited! I just finished a new design for a tote and it came out perfect! That just never happens. This is a clear pocket tote and you can use it for pictures, catalogs or to advertise.

I think a cute scrapbook page would look very cute!

I can see this will be a new addiction for me.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Large Totes!

I worked on a large tote today but I think it is larger than what I want for a "large tote" so I'm going to have to market it as an extra large tote.

To me this thing would work for an overnight bag! But I know some people want larger totes. Well I probably won't list it until tomorrow or Monday but I do love it. I will add a link to it when I do.

Have a great weekend!