Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hello Again

I'm a self proclaimed blog failure. But I will not go down with out a fight! Life just gets busy some times and this is what I have to let go to make life work for me.

I'm trying to spend equal amounts of time on my business and my home and family life. I have never been good with balance and I know it shows. I wish that was a trait I had, organization, juggling, balancing, what ever you call it I ain't got it!

Family life: Going good, I have a new niece and although my sister is having a rough time with some problems from the delivery the baby is great. Sleeps 5 hours or more at night and nurses like a champ!
The girls have 18 school days left and yes they are counting down! Me a little but not so much. With summer vacation comes even more lack of balance. I like the routine of school but not the getting up at 6 am.

Business Life: Going good too, seem to be having steady sales and getting several items made every week. Working on a few new designs but really concentrating on what I already know.
I set up a yahoogroup for my customers to let them know of new products and specials. The link is if you interested in joining. It is an announcement only list and will not generate a lot of emails.

Well that is it for now! To all the moms reading this, have a great Mothers Day!