Sunday, January 18, 2009


I seem to get overwhelmed very easily. It can be when I need to clean something if it is too bad I just don't know where to start or I get distracted. Example cleaning craft room and take a dirty glass to the kitchen then I start picking up in there. I also find that some days I just have no idea where to start. I know what I need to do but again don't know where to start. I would make lists of things to do and then it would become overwhelming to me. I finally have found something to help! Instead of making a list of what I need to do I right stuff down on a list after I do it. Something in my strange head wants to see my list longer and I get a lot more done. Feels so much better to me than to check something off a list and see 5 other things that I need to do.
Strange huh?!


Renee toeNja said...

I've known a few other people who do it like that too, write down what they've accomplished instead of what they need to do. :-)

Denise aka DeeJayPhotography said...

HaHa! I tell my son all the time I swear I have A.D.D. when I'm trying to clean! I swear I do the same thing, go to bring something where it belongs and get distracted in that room! Feel like I go in circles! Good luck, hope your new list works :)

creativejenv said...

it is nice to know that I'm not alone in this. Thanks!