Friday, August 10, 2007


which means payday!! Always a good day when you get paid!

Tons to do today but I am going to make time to work on a fall purse and then I WILL make myself a new tote. I haven't made myself a new one in a long time so today is the day. Maybe I will even buy some new fabric!

I listed a Christmas tote in my etsy shop yesterday. I know way to early but it is so cute and I had a lot of fun making it. I couldn't see just letting it hang out here, plus I would have wanted to keep it.

Have a great Friday!


Lanedesigns said...

Girl it's never to early to list Christmas!! It's getting close and people are starting to get their list made up.
And I know what you mean...I haven't made myself anything in a long time, everytime I get it done I go and list it on Etsy....
Have a great weekend.

Theresa said...

Just wanted to say hi I noticed you started blogging. Me too. Is it alright if I add you to my favorite blogs on mine?

my etsy store is